The Great Shift from Task Execution Towards Business Impact

Show Notes

In this episode, Ethan and Ryan discusses:

  • How organizations can become better aligned by shifting the focus of teams from just executing on lists of tasks towards the broader impact of those tasks.
  • Not everybody has the same motivation for why they come to work. Many come to work to receive a paycheck and leave at 5 o'clock. We share high level approaches that enable you to still engage those who don't share in the desire to drive impact.
  • The power of influencers across your company. Many influencers are not in leadership positions or part of the reporting line; they may be peers to your individual contributors. Influencers are critical to rallying your people and getting them to buy into a new alignment framework.
  • The value of having a concrete goal setting framework, like Objectives + Key Results (OKRs) or Objectives, Goals, Strategies, and Measures (OGSM). These tools can be valuable ways to get your people pointed in the right direction. We plan to discuss this topic in greater detail in future episodes.


Resources of the Week: